"Dear Ms. Shefter-Bishop:

Just a note to say thanks from a first time Muse attendee. I really enjoyed your seminar, "Sell Your Story in a Single Sentence." The class was taught with insight, constructive criticism and and humor. Best of luck with your new book."

Laura F. Deutsch


"Lane Shefter Bishop was worth the price of admission all by herself.  He logline session practically destroyed this rookie novelist’s book in about 30 seconds, only to rebuild it – much better- the next minute.  And I laughed through the whole process!

Passionate about her craft, dynamic, funny – I couldn’t ask for more.  Please come back to Madison!"

Thank you,

Tracey Gemmell

UW-Madison Writers Conference



“THE BEST, THE BEST, THE BEST!!! … Such clear and simple yet profound insight into what stories are *about*. I'd heard similar advice to try and craft summary sentences… but it was all lightning bugs to Lane Shefter Bishop's lightning. She was ruthless about stripping away all of the inessentials to reveal the white hot core of a story. What is specific, unique, and exciting about that particular story.”

Preety Sidhu

Loglines Seminar 

Grub Street’s Muse & the Marketplace

“Lane’s approach is down to earth, practical… and I left with a much stronger idea of how to craft a logline.”

--Kathryn Silver

Loglines Seminar

Grub Street’s Muse & The Marketplace


“You really made me think about how I need to craft my logline and how to describe my book.  While I have written summaries before you inspired me to write one in a way that I feel has made my work much more marketable.  Thank you for your help”

--Richard Thornhill

Loglines Seminar

Backspace Conference 


“After ‘seeing the light’ in your presentation last evening, I stayed up into the wee hours working on my log line and new query; unable to turn off your voice in my head (What's at stake, what's the journey…)  As you know, I was seriously lost here, to the detriment of a great story, and while I know there are still improvements to be made, at least I can say I'm not boring myself to tears!  That in itself is a miracle.  So, I'm thanking you from the bottom of my heart.”

Susan Bruch

Loglines Seminar

Backspace Conference