“What’s your story about?”  

It’s the million dollar question that writers, whether just starting out or highly experienced, get asked perpetually during their long creation process. 

What’s needed is a top-notch Logline - a powerful one sentence selling tool that highlights what makes your creative content stand out in a crowded marketplace.  It's a writer’s most important asset – invaluable for query letters, for keeping laser focused on what makes a story unique, and for having the perfect ‘elevator’ pitch ready to go.  

By learning the secret to writing the best Logline possible, an author can literally sell their material in a single sentence.  Click here to Get Help writing your logline.


Recent Article with Lane Shefter Bishop's tips for writing a logline that sells:


Dubbed "The Book Whisperer"by CNN, Emmy-winning producer/director Lane Shefter Bishop's SELL YOUR STORY IN A SINGLE SENTENCE, shares advice from the frontlines of Hollywood—on creating loglines for stories, screenplays and novels/plays/teleplays, scripts, and TV pilots